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Watershed Planning

Streams integrate all that happens within a watershed.  In theory the effort requires a recognition of all the interrelationships among the host of components and processes. A watershed plan is supposed to make everything fit together or make sense with respect to each of these relationships. Watershed planning must integrate with all that will happen.

Watershed plans consist of the evaluation of available data in a watershed--surface water, ground water, physical, biological, and chemical.  These data may be compared to standards, such as water-quality standards, or the data may be compiled and presented to the public for description of watershed health. 

Several states have enacted regulations requiring watershed management plans.  In Colorado, Senate Bill 02-087 was adopted by the 2002 Colorado General Assembly and establishes the Colorado Watershed Protection Fund.  The legislative declaration states: 

        The general assembly hereby finds and declares that the natural heritage and
        quality of life in Colorado are of fundamental importance to the citizens of the
        state, and the protection of this natural heritage and quality of life are essential
        to sustain economic development in the state.