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Southwest Hydro-Logic expertise:
Water-quality sampling,
analysis, and management for regulatory compliance

Water-quality monitoring of construction dewatering is required by most states.
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Natural Background Metals in Historic Mining Districts

SWHL has developed methods to distinguish between background and mining-affected dissolved metals. Read More.
Surface water and groundwater modeling

Modeling can provide expert testimony for the effects of human activities and natural processes.
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Geochemical Modeling

Modeling the chemistry groundwater, springs, lakes, and reservoirs can provide a forecast of future conditions.
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Hydrology is the occurence and movement of water on the earth including  evaporation, clouds, rain, groundwater, streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans.

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Modeling uses computer simulations to predict the hydrology, water quality, and geochemistry of groundwater, lakes, and streams.

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Southwest Hydro-Logic
Water Quality Management
Water-quality management to make sure that the water remains of good quality, and water-quality monitoring for compliance.

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Groundwater Age Dating
Reservoir Water Quality